Basic Health

4 products

BASIC HEALTH A complete sense of well-being physical, mental , emotional and spiritual is Health and...

Child Health

3 products

Child Health A healthy balanced diet with appropriate proportions of nutrients is necessary for all individuals,...


2 products

DETOX This is a large organ situated under the diaphragm on the right side in the...


4 products

Diabetes Diabetes is a disease that occurs when your blood glucose, also called blood sugar, is...

Erectile Dysfunction

6 products

ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION We as humans are endowed with a sexual functionality which is innate in us...

Hair Loss

3 products

HAIR LOSS  The fine thread-like strands growing from the skin of humans, mammals, and some other...

Joint Care

7 products

JOINT CARE We have been provided bones as infrastructure. The meeting points of various bones in...

Stress & Sleep

1 product

STRESS & SLEEP STRESS An individual’s adaptive response to stimuli that places excessive psychological or physical...


1 product

THYROID The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped endocrine (hormone secreting) gland in the neck that is found...

Weight Loss

8 products

Weight Loss For balanced functioning our body is supposed to maintain weight within a range for...

Women 40+ Health

5 products

  Women 40+ Health The doors of the 40s also open room for health issues for...

Lifestyle Disorders

Lifestyle disorders such as obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart diseases, respiratory diseases, and hormonal disorders have been spreading at alarming rates in India.

Over 61% of all deaths have been attributed to various lifestyle disorders which are caused due to environmental triggers and lifestyle habits that can lead to overall health deterioration in the long run. With diseases such as diabetes, thyroid problems, and hypertension on the rise, Urzano brings you a wide range of products, based on 25 years of extensive research, to combat them effectively and promptly.

Lifestyle disorders must be dealt with in a timely manner to minimize damage through awareness, regular checkups, and suitable treatments to ensure better health and prevention of such life-threatening lifestyle disorders. With Urzano, you can find suitable formulations that lead to cellular recovery and restoration to aid with the reversal process with a health-focused and holistic approach.


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