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Urzano is a culmination of 25 years of research with the objective of giving Holistic Health a strong scientific foundation so that Lifestyle Disorders can be reversed in a duplicatable manner. Urzano took the shape of a corporate entity when hundreds of thousands of successful treatments and their word of mouth testimonials nudged us to fill the existing void in the Health and Wellness space.

As Lifestyle Disorders reach monumental proportions steps should be taken to combat this epidemic with awareness, counseling, regular checkups and reversal of root cause rather than just a band-aid of symptomatic treatments.

Urzano is the amalgamation of Nature with Science. It provides holistic solutions through Root Cause Analysis. Unlike conventional medicine which treats the symptom of the disorder, Urzano takes a much broader approach and restores the health of an individual by addressing the root cause of the disorder. For each disorder our researchers have reviewed the medical literature and identified the reaction pathways and limiting reactants/enzyme which inhibits the reaction to proceed further.

This scientific information along with the knowledge of Neutraceuticals and Herbals is then combined to produce a formulation that restarts the specific reaction which results in Root Cause Reversal of the Lifestyle Disorders. Urzano recommends combinations of Food Supplements and Nutraceuticals to bridge the nutritional deficiencies of a specific disorder at the cellular level. This bottom-up and top-down approach suggests that Urzano is health focused, unlike pharmaceuticals which are sickness and organ focused. Urzano manufactures a series of formulation that leads to cellular Recovery and Restoration which results in Reversal of Lifestyle Disorders like Diabetes, Thyroid, Hypertension, Obesity, Sexual Wellness, Immunity, Joint Pain, Cardiac Care etc.

Urzano is complimented by a team of doctors. Together our mission is to provide ˜Holistic Health Care” to the masses with the objective of reducing the occurrence and severity of illness. Urzano over the last two decades has successfully reversed Lifestyle Disorders in hundreds of thousands of affected people.

Our endeavor is now to spread the idea of Holistic Health Care from Illness to Wellness so that order can be restored in the Lifestyle Disorders of millions of people worldwide.


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